Nehru Award

As a tribute to the memory of the late Prime Minister Shri Jawaharlal Nehru and to his life-long dedication to the cause of world peace and international understanding, the Government of India instituted the Jawaharlal Nehru Award for International Understanding in 1965.

Given annually, for outstanding contribution to the promotion of international understanding, goodwill, and friendship among peoples of the world, the Award carries Rupees 2.5 million in cash (convertible into foreign currency) and a citation. The Award may be divided between two persons who are considered by the Jury to be equally deserving of recognition in a given year.

It is open to all persons regardless of nationality, race, creed or sex, but an association, institution or organization is not eligible for the Award. To be considered for the Award, it would ordinarily be necessary that a person be recommended in writing by someone with the competence thereof.

If it is considered, however, that none of the proposals that have been made merit recognition, the Jury is free to withhold the Award for that year. Only recent work achieved within five years immediately preceding the nomination is to be considered for the Award. An older work may, however, be considered if its significance has not become apparent until recently. A written work in order to be eligible for consideration should have been published. The Award need not go only to a person holding a high public office. A person who has quietly worked for peace and international understanding and friendship between peoples of different countries may well be deserving of the Award.

The Jawaharlal Nehru Award is administered by the Indian Council for Cultural Relations.
Click here to view the list of Jawaharlal Nehru Awardees since the inception of the award in 1965.


The Nehru Trust for the Indian Collections at the Victoria and Albert Museum is offering UK Visiting Fellowships, Travel Awards, Small Study and Research Grants (UK) and Small Study and Research Grants (India). In addition, the V&A Jain Art Fund is also offering a series of research and travel grants.