Maulana Azad Center For Indian Culture, Cairo

Established in 1982, the Maulana Azad Center for Indian Culture (MACIC) is the only Indian cultural Center in the region. Cairo was chosen as the location for this Center because of Egypt's pre-eminent position in the Arab speaking world, its history of cultural cosmopolitanism and its civilisational links with India. The Center is aptly named after Maulana Abul Kalam Azad, the founder of ICCR and the scholar-statesman who had close links with the Arab world.

MACIC conducts regular classes in Hindi, Urdu and Yoga, and periodic classes in Indian dance and cuisine. It has a bi-weekly film screening programme as well as a lecture programme held on the last Monday of every month, the latter in collaboration with the Egypt-India Friendship Association. Besides organizing programmes of Indian music and dance by troupes sponsored by the ICCR, it regularly holds exhibitions of photographs and paintings by local artists, both in its own Cairo downtown premises as also in other venues in Cairo, Alexandria, Ismailia, etc. MACIC has carved for itself a special niche in the cultural scene of Cairo. It is known as the place where you get the best of Indian culture with the best of Indian tea on the side.

The ICCR is presenting a bronze bust of Mahatma Gandhi for installation at the Department of Asian Affairs located in the premises of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Egypt. The bust will be provided through the Embassy of India, Cairo. This signifies a recognition of Mahatma Gandhi and will be an important element of the public profile of India-Egypt Relations. The bust would be installed on 2nd October 2011.

Dr. Liyaqath Ali
Maulana Azad Center for Indian Culture
Embassy of India
23, Tajaat Harb Street
Down Town, Cairo, Egypt
Tel: 002-02-23933396/23953437