Many Other Schemes

General Scholarship Scheme (GSS)
The General Scholarship Scheme (GSS) is one of the most important popular schemes of the ICCR for foreign students. 499 scholarships are offered annually to nationals of developing and non developing countries in Asia, Africa and Latin America. Scholarships for medical studies such as MBBS, BDS or for medical research leading to Ph.D. degrees are not offered under GSS. (Please note: This scheme was earlier known as General Cultural Scholarship Scheme GCSS). Under this scheme we are offering UG, PG, B.Tech., M.Phil, Ph.D. & Post Doctoral Courses.

ICCR Scholarship Scheme
The ICCR offers 100 scholarships (at any given time) for study in Indian classical music, dance, painting, yoga and sculpture. The scholarships are valid for one year. This Scholarship Scheme is offered to nationals of all countries.

Scholarship Schemes for Bangladesh
Under this Scholarship Scheme, 200 scholarships are offered to Bangladesh nationals, 100 under the ICCR programme (Bangladesh Scholarship Scheme, UG, PG, Ph.D.including Engineering Courses) as well as 100 under agency work India Scholarship (Bangladesh) Scheme on behalf of the MEA to pursue UG, PG, Ph.D./Post Doctoral (excluding Engineering) Courses.

Scholarships for Sri Lanka
Under this Scholarship Scheme, 195 scholarships are offered on behalf of ICCR and MEA to Sri Lankan students, under various scholarship schemes: (1) Nehru Memorial Scholarship Scheme (ICCR) 60 Slots, (2) Nehru Memorial Scholarship Scheme (MEA) 60 Slots (only for Undergraduate Courses including Engineering), (3) Maulana Azad Scholarship Scheme (MEA) 50 slots to pursue Master degree in Agriculture Science and Engineering Courses, (4) Rajiv Gandhi Scholarship Scheme (MEA) 25 slots for studies in the field of IT (B.E./B.Tech. Courses).

Aid to Bhutan, Mongolia & Maldives
The Council implements these scheme on behalf of MEA. Under these Scholarship Scheme 20 slots each are offered to nationals of Bhutan (for UG engineering courses), Mongolia (for UG, PG and Ph.D. courses) and Maldives (for UG courses including engineering), except medicine and dentistry.

SAARC Scholarship Scheme
Under this Scholarship Scheme, 14 scholarships offered annually: Two each to SAARC Member Countries to pursue UG, PG and Ph.D. courses on behalf of SAARC Division of MEA.

Cultural Exchange Programme/Educational Exchange Programme (CEP/EEP)
Under the Cultural Exchange Programme/Educational Exchange Programme signed between India and other foreign countries, the ICCR offers slots as indicated in the CEP/EEPs slots for pursuing undergraduate, postgraduate and doctoral courses. The slots are offered only to those countries where we have valid CEP/EEPs. Terms and conditions are governed by the terms and conditions of the CEP/EEP's.

Silver Jubilee Scholarship Scheme for Nepal
Scholarship slots under this scheme, as agency work of MEA for Nepal have been increased from 30 to 64 from academic year, 2006-07. This scheme is only for Post Graduate and Ph.D. courses.

Africa Scholarship Scheme
Under Africa Scholarship Scheme an agency work on behalf of MEA, a total of 900 slots are offered from 2012-13 onwards to African countries to pursue UG/PG/Ph.D. Courses.

Mekong-Ganga Cooperation Scholarship Scheme
ICCR has introduced scholarship scheme ‘Mekong-Ganga’ as agency work on behalf of MEA. Under this scheme, total 50 slots are offered and each member country is allotted 10 slots. The countries covered under this scheme are Cambodia, Laos, Myanmar, Thailand and Vietnam.

Commonwealth Scholarship Fellowship Plan
This scholarship is meant for the nationals of the Commonwealth countries. 26 scholarships are awarded annually under the ICCR Programme for postgraduate studies and a few are for Under Graduate and Ph.D. studies.

Ayush Scholarship Scheme
This scheme is meant for BIMSTEC and Non-BIMSTEC member countries. Under this scheme 50 scholarships are provided to pursue courses in Indian traditional medical system such as Ayurveda, Unani, Siddha and Homeopathy. The BIMSTEC countries covered are Thailand, Nepal, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Bhutan and Myanmar and the other countries are covered under the Scheme for non-BIMSTEC. Besides that, 20 slots annually are also offered to Malaysia under this Scheme. This scheme is handled by ICCR as agency work on behalf of ASEAN ML Division, MEA (30 slots) and Ayush Department of the Ministry of Health and Family Planning (40 slots) i.e. 20 for Non-Bimstec countries and 20 for Malaysia.

Special Scholarships for Afghanistan
Following PM’s visit to Afghanistan in August 2005, 500 scholarships have been awarded under SSSAN (Special Scholarship Scheme for Afghan Nationals to pursue university level courses in India and now it has been increased to 1000 scholarships annually w.e.f. academic year 2012-13. It is administered as an Agency work for the MEA.

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