List of Azad Lectures

Jawaharlal Nehru India, Today and Tomorrow, 1959
Arnold Toynbee One World and India, 1960
Lord Attlee The Future of the United Nations and the Future of Democracy, 1961
C V Raman The Gateways of Human Knowledge, 1962
Walter Haistein The European Community - A New Path of Peaceful Union, 1963
Carlos R Romulo Contemporary Nationalism and World Order, 1964
Rene Maheu International Co-operation: Co-operation Techniques and Ethics, 1965
Linus Pauling Science and World Peace, 1967
D.S. Kothari Atom, Man and Ahinsa, 1969
Lord Butler Survival Depends on Higher Education, 1970
Ales Bebler National Sovereignty in the Nuclear Age, 1972
Dorothy Hodgkin Wondering Scientists, 1973
Seyyed Hossein Nasar Western Science and Asian Culture, 1974
Joe Appiah The Role of Democracy and Law in Developing Societies, 1975
Saburo Okita Developing Economics and the Japanese Experience, 1977
Salim Ali Bird Study in India: Its History and importance, 1978
A M Khusro The Future of Developing Economics, 1980
Siegfried A.Schulz Premchand: A Western Appraisal 1981
Badal Sircar The Changing Language of Theatre, 1982
Mohammed Hassan EI-Zayyat India and Egypt: Modern Relations between Ancient Nations, 1983
Alfonso Garcia Robles Nuclear Disarmament: A Crucial Issue for the Survival of Mankind, 1984
Andreas C. Papandreou Striving for Peace, 1985
Robert Gabriel Mugabe War, Peace and Development in Contemporary Africa, 1986
Aruna Asaf Ali Science, Socialism and Humanism, 1989
Andrew Huxley Science - A Supranational Activity, 1990
R. Venkataraman Maulana Azad and The Unity of India, 1991
Justice Mohamad Sai'd AI-Ashmawi Religion and Politics, 1992
Boutros Boutros-Ghali Current World Challenges as Reflected in The United Nations Today, 1993
Tan Sri (Dr.) Mohd. Ghazali Shafie Leadership, Development and Evolution of Culture-Malaysian Experience, 1994
Lakshman Kadirgamar, P.C., MP Asia in The 21st Century, 1995
P N. Haksar Looking Towards the 21st Century, 1996
Inder Kumar Gujral Heritage and Promise: India of Tomorrow, 1997
Justice Ismail Mahomed The Ethos of the Indian, 1998
Prof. Jagdesh Bhagwati Independence Struggle Today-International Flows of Humanity, 2002
Dr. N.R. Narayana Murthy Managing International Migration Today-Travails of Philanthropy in India, 2003
Lord Meghnad Desai Globalisation and Culture, 2004
Prof. Wangari Muta Maathai The Role of Leadership in Environmental Protection, 2007
Mr. Martin Luther King III A New Non-violent Revolution, 2009
Lord Meghnad Desai Globalization and Cosmopolitan Culture, 2010
Dr. Balmiki Prasad Singh The Bahudha Approach: A Path towards a Harmonious World, 2011
Hamid Karzai A Maulana of Our Times, 2012
Gopalkrishna Gandhi As Those at Death’s Door Speak, 2013