Library Fellowships

ICCR provides six Library Fellowships annually to deserving scholars for facilitating their research on strategic topics, including biographical studies with special emphasis on Maulana Azad, Indian art, culture, literature, philosophy, history and international and diplomatic relations. The Library Fellowship Programme was introduced in 2002-2003, with a stipend of Rs. 10,000/- per month for a period of three months. This Programme was envisaged to promote greater utilization of the Library’s rich resources by deserving scholars.

ICCR Senior & Junior Fellowships
It was decided under the “Expansion Plan” of the Council in 2009 to award 30 Fellowships to foreign scholars to work on India and its culture. The idea of the Fellowship programme was conceptualized to encourage foreign scholars to take up and perpetuate India studies. Keeping in view its increasing popularity, it was decided to continue the scheme.
Later ICCR introduced Junior fellowships as well to take advantage of the interest in India of  young scholars beginning their academic careers. 
Now ICCR awards Junior and Senior Research Fellowships to international scholars specialising in Indian studies in the fields of culture and social sciences. The duration of the programme is 3-12 months. 
Under this programme, the selected Fellow is affiliated, on the basis of mutual consent, to an academic institution in India. Senior fellowships are given to eminent scholars with proven academic credentials, and an established body of published works and are paid a consolidated stipend of Rs. 1,50,000/- per month while Junior Fellowships are meant for young research scholars wishing to do post-doctoral research on relevant topics with a monthly stipend of Rs. 50,000/-. 

Terms and Conditions of Library Fellowships:

  1. On accepting the Fellowship, Fellows who are otherwise employed may obtain necessary permission and leave from their parent institutions to successfully complete the research work and submit the completed monograph within the stipulated period.
  2. Scholars will be required to use ICCR Library resources for at least ten working days (Two weeks).
  3. Payment of the Fellowship amount of Rs. 30,000/- (Rupees Thirty Thousand only) will be made at the completion of the research work after the monograph has been submitted (two copies in printed format and the soft copy in CD) to ICCR.
  4. A monthly Progress Report should invariably be submitted to the Deputy Director General (P), ICCR (E-mail:
  5. Fellows will also be reimbursed contingent expenses upto a maximum of Rs.2,000/- (Rupees Two Thousand only) for the entire fellowship period for expenditure incurred on travel, purchase of stationery, books, typing, photocopying etc. The claims in this regard may be submitted to ICCR along with supporting cash memos, receipts and statement of expenditure at the end of the Fellowship period to facilitate reimbursement.
  6. ICCR reserves all rights for publication of accepted monographs.


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S. No.

Financial Year

Lib. Fell. Announced
(Yes / No)

Topic for the Library Fellowship Programme

Name of Library Fellowship Awardees

Total Fellowship Awardees




  1. Any Topic related to Maulana Azad.

  2. Any Topic related to Art, Culture and History.

  1. Ms Shameeja

  2. MS Vinita Agrawal

  3. Ms Tahira Mazoor

  4. Ms Urmimala Sarkar

  5. Shri Mahesh K. Bhartiya

  6. Ms Sougata Das

  7. Shri Mohd. Suhaib Alam

  8. Shri Abu Bakar,K.K.

  9. Dr. S. Padmavathi.

  10. Shri Shabaz Amil

  11. Shri Zulifiqar Ali Ansari



11 Awardees




Not Announced










  1. India’s Cultural Diplomacy


  1. Maulana Azad’s Vision of Science, Technology and Development

  1. Ms. Sripriya S. (English)

  2. Shri Saurabh Shukla (English)

  3. Shri Sanjay Kumar (Hindi)

  4. Shri Chandan Kumar Srivastava (Hindi)

  5. Shri Mohd. Ali Habeeb (English)

  6. Ms. Manjari Srivastava (English)


06 Awardees





  1. Women in Natyashastra

  2. Maulana Azad & Journalism

  1. Dr. Ravindra Pratap Singh, Lecturer (English)

  2. Shri Anupam Sekhar (English)

  3. Shri Hemant Kumar Mishra (Hindi)

  4. Shri Sudhir Kumar Singh (English)

  5. Shri Kurian V.John (English)

05 Awardees




  1. Maulana Azad’s Vision Pluralistic India/ The plurality of Indian Culture

  1. Shri Yasser Arafath Pothukandiyil (English)

  2. Dr. Naushad Ali (English)

  3. Ms. Puja Gehlot (English)


03 Awardees




  1. Institutions Established by Maulana Azad: A Critical Study

  2. Maulana Azad’s Literary Works and their Message

  1. Smt. Vijoya Shree Singh (English)

  2. Shri R. Senthil Kumaran (English)

  3. Ms. Uma Shukla (English)

  4. Shri Rajesh Babani (Hindi)

  5. Dr. Md. Zeyaul Hoda Ansari (Urdu)

05 Awardees



Not Announced







  1. Maulana Azad’s Vision on Education and Culture

  2. Women’s Empowerment

  1. Shri G.Paramasivan (English)

  2. Shri Amish Ameya (English)

  3. Shri K. Marimuthu (English)

  4. Smt. Jayant Jain (Hindi)

  5. Shri Madadev Singh (Hindi)

  6. Shri Faizan Sayeed (Urdu)


06 Awardees




Not Announced







  1. Swami Vivekanand and Maulana Azad’s Vision: A Comparative Study.

  2. Faiz Ahmad Faiz: His Political Vision.


  1. Dr. Manisha Madhava (English)

  2. Smt. Sudha Rani (Hindi)

  3. Smt. Amama Ejaz (Urdu)

03 Awardees



Not Announced



Not Announced