Indian Cultural Centre, Kabul

The Indian Cultural Centre in Kabul was formally inaugurated in September 2007 by the Afghan Minister of Culture and Information, Mr. Abdul Karim Khurram and the Vice-President of ICCR, Mr. Sayed Shahid Mahdi. With the opening of the Centre, which is located in the Embassy premises, cultural activities between India and Afghanistan are being strengthened further.

Yoga and Hindustani Vocal Classical Music are being taught at the Centre to Afghan students and to other foreigners. All classes are free of cost. Currently, there are thirty students enrolled for yoga and seventy students for the music classes.

The people and the Government of Afghanistan are very appreciative of India's cultural efforts in the country. Cultural events organized by the Centre have great power of building bridges between the people of the two countries. The Cultural Centre hopes to become a place where people of all backgrounds can come together in a spirit of mutual bonding through diverse cultural activities. Regular monthly activities are planned for the Centre comprising musical performances, seminars, film screenings and talks on socio-cultural themes.

Sh. Syed Mahmood Akhter (Desig.)
Indian Culture Centre
Embassy of India
Malalaiwat, Shar-e-Naw,
Kabul, Afghanistan
Tel. No: 0093-020-2200182