Indian Cultural Centre, Georgetown

Indian Cultural Centre in Georgetown, Guyana and India, and cultural ties between their people and in 1972 with the aim of strengthening mutual understanding was established.Yoga Center, tabla and dance (Kathak) conducts regular classes. In the center is a well-equipped auditorium where cultural programs are organized on a regular basis. ICC by teachers and students of the local community culture, mythology and the works of eminent scholars and writers of programs related to participate in Yoga, percussion and dance (Kathak) in addition to conducting regular classes, the center recently started teaching Indian folk dances which have become very popular in young girls. Continuing the expansion of its activities, the Centre for adults with children are trained in singing and harmonium.

Current enrollment of students in different classes in the following way: -

1. Yoga - 192 Student

2. Dance - 24 student

3. percussion / vocals / harmonium - 30 students

Between the people of Guyana strong presence of NRIs and PIOs Indian Bollywood movies and songs especially popular here are for the fulfillment of their aspirations and desires Centre Auditorium organizes monthly screening of Indian movies which are all praised near the center of Indian culture and heritage aspects of a large number of books and magazines depicting the library.


Sh. Sunil Kumar Singh


Indian Cultural Centre

67 High Commission of India,
 Bel Air, New Haven 
Georgetown, Guyana 
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