An important aspect of the Council’s work is the projection abroad not only of India’s rich cultural heritage but also of contemporary achievements. The council regularly sponsors exhibitions of India’s Contemporary and Traditional arts.

Outgoing Exhibitions : ICCR owns a rich collection of exhibitions (paintings, photographs, textile) which are sent for display in major festivals and art events abroad.

Incoming Exhibitions : ICCR under bilateral cultural exchange programme with other countries and under a programme of its own activities also receives exhibitions from abroad for expositions in India.

Horizon Series : ICCR owns a professional Art Gallery – “Azad Bhavan Art Gallery” and is continuously organizing exhibitions on every Friday to Wednesday as part of “Horizon Series”. These exhibitions almost includes works of both upcoming as well as established artists in various fine arts.

Artist Residencies : We have also been organizing close interaction of artists by way of organizing Art Residencies in India. This Residency programme is a step beyond diplomacy, an art and culture diplomacy to achieve solidarity and to share an atmosphere of bonhomie and friendship between the nations through the universal medium of art. During the Residency the artists share and propagate better understanding of the unique cultural identities.

Other Events : In addition to above the Council also collaborates in and support international events in India and abroad featuring propagation of fine arts.